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Colorful mosaic mural with a board-game-like theme showing steps along the path of life

20 Dec YEP Glendale Middle School

The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) of the University of Utah is working with a class of students from middle school through high school to help them succeed and become leaders in their community. As part of this venture, they asked me to come and work...

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19 Dec Kearns Library

In 2014 the Kearns Library celebrated the 50th year since its opening. To commemorate this event they had a local muralist Melissa Chipman paint a beautiful mural on the concrete retaining wall on the east side of building. With the mural finished, the retaining wall...

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Day of the Dead / Dia de Los Muertos bench in a community garden

11 Aug SLC Art Gardening – Mosaic Art Sculptures and Installations

In September 2013, armed with an Arts Learning Grant from the Salt Lake City Arts Council and a 1300-lb donation of cement from Quikrete, I began collaborating with various youth organizations around the city to create large-scale mosaic installations in many of the city's community...

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Mosaic of the Aztec Calendar, using modern symbols developed with Horizonte School and Latinas Adelante.

16 Mar Horizonte School and Latinas Adelante – Mosaic Mural

In October 2012 I was approached by Alissa Tolley of Latinas Adelante, a program of the University of Utah created to foster independence and excellence in teenage parents by developing lifelong skills. I was asked to help develop a project that would be valuable for...

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Pillar Mosaics of Fairy Tales

29 May North Davis Preparatory Academy – Pillar Mosaics

Chantal Esquivias is a Spanish teacher at NDPA and a native of Spain. Esquivias loved the school but thought that the building's facade could be transformed to support the aesthetic point of view of the school's Spanish immersion program. In early 2011 Esquivias contacted me...

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