Art Projects with Youth

Priced by the project based upon an estimate of the number of hours that will be spent with youth plus cost of supplies (whether a painted mural, a mosaic, or an art class).

Teacher Instruction Seminars

Seminars available for training of teachers and/or youth counselors to help them make art both exciting and educational.

Previously taught topics include:

Getting Started with Community Arts | pdf
Paste-paper Collages | pdf / doc
History of Mosaics in Europe | pdf / doc / ppt
History of Mosaics in Latin America | pdf
Chicano Mural Movement in America | pdf
Community Murals | pdf

Charge based on length of presentation plus cost of supplies.
(Time to prepare presentation is included)

Nonprofit Organizations and Schools

If you work with a 501 c(3) organization or school with underprivileged youth, I will gladly help to find grant funding so we can get a project happening, regardless of your current ability to fund such a project.