30-minute interactive presentation

  • Inspirational and motivational
  • Improvisational storytelling and painting
  • Aligned with state core standards
  • Active, fun speakers
  • Appeals to multiple senses
  • Great for all creative skill levels

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For decades Roger Whiting and Jared Quan have shared and critiqued each other’s writings and artworks. Having found joy through many trials and successes in their endeavors, they now wish to encourage the next generation to be creative as well.


Today Roger is recognized for his contributions to the Salt Lake area through his business Community Arts of Utah, His massive-scale collaborative mosaics and murals adorn the walls of schools, businesses, homes and nonprofit organizations.


Jared is recognized for his book Changing Wax, his appointment to the West Jordan Art Council, his work with the League of Utah Writers – Oquirrh Chapter as Vice President, and panelist at the 2015 Comic Con FanX.


This assembly experience includes projected visuals, dynamic dialogue, and a one-of-a-kind paint battle challenge. Jared reviews the challenges that can be faced while writing and suggestions on how to overcome them,  Roger talks about how everyone is an artist, and that students can face failure through resilience, learning and practice.


The two team up for the last ten minutes to write a story with the help of students, and Roger paints the story as it changes and evolves.


Lessons shared

Overcoming writing obstacles

  • Ignoring discouragement
  • Demystifying creativity
  • Breaking through writer’s block
  • Making time for writing
  • Getting motivated to write

Living as an artist

  • Every person can be an artist
  • Recognizing personal strengths
  • Learning elements and principles of art
  • Practicing until you achieve
  • Learning about artists from history
  • Accepting rejection
  • Enjoying success

$195 for two 30-minute presentations!
No group limit!

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